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Free Sample Policy

Free Sample 

Joy Precision Maching co., Ltd  provides samples free of charge.Welcome to apply for it. 

On one hand,in order to show our cooperation sincerely and our abilities&capability;on the other hand, we stand on our potential customers' shoes to eliminate your doubts of them  and avoid the risk for developing new suppliers.

our company,Joy Precision Machining, provide limited FREE SAMPLE SERVICE.If you are interesting in getting a FREE SAMPLE to confirm the qualify of our factory before placing mass order, please feel free to contact us via /cell:+86-18664836245.

Free Sample Policy(*all items can be negotiable*)
We only provide only 1~2sample/time(only for one compoment) to potential customers whose delivery address is out of mainland of China;For regular customers,no consignee address limitations(also can be a set).

Customers needs to pay the international express fee by themselves or providing their globalization DHL/UPS/FEDEX/TNT account and freight will be collected.

For those parts(not only limited those),such as extrusion parts,injection plastic parts,we may not provide it for it is no sense to provide a sample to confirm the qualify unless it is  for R&D.if we have got the extrusion mold fees,it is OK to proved some samples free of charge.
Why we provide free sample
As a purchaser or soucing manager,i think you must have face this kind of frustrated situations,delayed delivery time, more or less. Especially when your supplier are in oversea and you cann't following the production tightly for time zone differences or other cases(such as extreme busy, the current purchasing activity isyou’re your main responsibility and you don’t want to take more time on it).
What’s more,the sales man will brag that their company can make everything ?or have made the similar parts to fulfill their workloads and get a higher level salary.In fact,they know few ,even nothing about your products.When you place the order and arrange the down payment,and eagerly look forward to the delivery,they will push the delivery time off again and again ,extreme case,they even agree to return the down payment for They DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITIES to make your products.?
At last,you will feel down for the deadline will come soon and have no other way to solve the problem and to accept the positive result.
Getting a sample before placing mass production order will change this situation totally.
Also,our factory become familiar with your products during making the sample and can shorten the lead time by optimizing all of the procedures and drawing more attentions on the key points.